This Christian’s Take on Marriage Equality

Traditional MarriageI’m NOT sorry for believing in Traditional Marriage. Big surprise, right? No, just continue to read my point, it’s not what you think! I’m NOT sorry for NOT believing in Divorce. I’m NOT sorry for upholding my faith and sticking to it. HOWEVER, I feel sorry for those who think that HATRED is going to solve our disagreements. I feel sorry for those who CANNOT respect my beliefs. I feel sorry for those who THINK I don’t respect them for their beliefs. The truth of the matter is I would be a HYPOCRITE if I called myself a Christian and then told you that I don’t believe what the bible says about marriage being between a man and a woman. I would also be a HYPOCRITE if I started telling gays that I hate them because of their choice! If you think marriage should be between a man and a woman only, of course you should stick to it. If you think marriage is between two loving people, of course you should stick to it. HATRED IS NOT THE WAY TO GO! If equality in marriage is passed, for you Christians (including myself), is it going to kill you? NO! Is it going to make you gay? NO! Is it going to mean that your marriage will no longer be sacred? NO!

Of course, there is never going to be a way where everyone agrees, but I must share my feelings about this. I feel that no matter what, as Christians, we should love one another. No matter what! That means EVERYONE! You cannot hate someone because of their choices or because their beliefs are different from yours! Being a Christian does not mean that we have to MAKE others believe what we believe. Remember, God gave us a choice. A choice to believe or not and it’s not up to us to PUSH our beliefs on another. With that being said, if we live our lives, our actions and love should show others the true meaning of being a Christian. Telling people they are going to hell because of their choices is NOT the way to go! Only God can make that choice!

117148758So my stand is definitely for Traditional Marriage, but I will NOT tolerate anyone being HATEFUL to ANYONE at any time, even if this Equality for Marriage does pass! Am I going to be outside protesting? No. Am I going to tell you that you are going to hell for voting for marriage equality? Of course not, but I will still love the same, believe the same things, still be close friends & family to the people in my family that ARE gay and AREN’T, and I will NOT shove my beliefs on anyone. Everyone has a CHOICE! Let everyone make their own choices! You are only accountable for yourself in the end anyway!


What Exactly Do You Mean?

161819376Ever been around someone who has always had something negative to say about anything you have ever done in your life? We all have. But what exactly do they mean? I learned an important lesson this week. Those criticisms usually come from someplace inside. Now this post is not to put them down or hate them in anyway. I want to share with you how to really deal with a situation like one I have been in before.

157329843Think about why they might be saying the negative things to you. Maybe someone in their past has never had anything encouraging to share with them and it’s a steady pattern. What happens when a toddler hears certain things and sees certain actions repeatedly? They continue in the same pattern. The truth is that, even as adults, we can do or say things to others as a “normal” reaction, but others will take it differently. Sometimes it’s in one’s nature to always say something negative first. So, what do we do? Get angry, tell them they’re just sorry losers or haters, or down right immature? (I know I have wanted to say some of these things before!) But really, NO! We would only be adding to their negativity. Why not try to change their reactions by not letting them see these hurtful words or actions get to you. If we start throwing out positive words and actions, you never know how much more of the positivity we will get in return.

143071106While you are holding onto a grudge or anger and telling the person that they will get what they deserve, just remember that the way you are treating them, even if they did you wrong, will also come back to you. Do you have to stay around a negative person? No, but when you are around them, treat them with kindness and see how much more peace you will have. Even if the person is being fake, eventually, you will look back on your actions and note the kindness you gave and see where it got you in return.

73091861Don’t be a pushover and stand up for what is right in your heart, but don’t be a bully either and sometimes you have to let God fight your battles. So, when someone is always negative and bringing you down, don’t let your return actions make others question you with “What exactly do you mean?”, but let your actions show exactly the love we should really be giving out to one another, no matter what!

Stories, I Love Hearing Them!

I love hearing stories being told on the radio. I think there’s something about it that makes you feel like you are inside the story at the moment. There is one site I would like to share with you. I have been listening to these stories on my local Christian radio station for many years. It comes on early in the morning, so I always have to go to the website to listen later in the day. You may have heard about it or you may not have heard about it. It’s called “Unshackled!”. It tells real life stories of how people gave their life over to God. There are many different issues that each person has dealt with including depression, physical, emotional and sexual abuse, drug and sexual addictions, and many more. Click the link above! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

The Crazy and The Good

**Today’s blog is a lengthy one! Bear with me!**

PhoneSo, I started writing a blog post yesterday, as promised, while I was sitting in the ER. After completing the ENTIRE blog on my phone, I decided to upload some pictures. By mistake, I uploaded the same photo twice and decided to cancel it. Never really posting a blog post from my phone via the WordPress app, I didn’t realize that I was hitting “cancel” to cancel the ENTIRE post! Now by then I was frustrated. Anyone who has as much to say as I do, typing the words on your phone can be a little annoying, especially because I type on the computer so much faster. Anyway, I decided to try to write again, but by that time, I was called to the back to deal with my little mess.

EmergencyFirst, I would like to share with you why I was in the Emergency Room in the first place. Saturday when I was getting my hair done by my sister (who is in cosmetology school) I felt a little pinch on my ankle. I looked, saw nothing and scratched the area. Later that evening, I saw some little blisters, like three bites in a row. I ignored it, thinking they would go away. I had been bitten before by an unknown insect, multiple times, and nothing had ever happened like what happened next. The next night, Sunday, I was still itching and it was still painful. The blisters turned into red blisters and had this clearish yellow puss coming out of it! GROSS, I know, right?! So I went to the ER early Monday morning because I couldn’t walk on it. Turns out it’s unknown what bit me, but it was definitely poisonous. It had spread to my entire top portion of my foot and my ankle and up part of my leg. That’s where it was swollen. So, I had to get a Tetanus shot, antibiotics because it gave me a skin infection in my foot, and some inflammation and swelling meds too. It’s amazing that my foot didn’t fall off! Okay so it wouldn’t have fallen off, but had I not gone to the doctor, it probably would have in a few days. So everything is okay now and the swelling has gone down immensely and I’m doing much better, except for the little uncomfortable feeling I may get every once in a while.

J MossSo, on to some exciting news! I posted a picture of a song and artist I like to listen to stating something similar to “Love J Moss’ music, beautiful day and beautiful music” on my Instagram (which also posts to my Twitter, Facebook, and my Tumblr page). J Moss, who is an amazing singer/songwriter/producer, saw my tweet and retweeted it. I then got a follow and a message saying Thank You. I was excited because I have been listening to him for so many years and his music plays a major role in keeping me encouraged and uplifted to stay on the path of being a good Christian. I was encouraged even more!

Unashamed MagazineAnother interesting thing that happened to me after that was another tweet and follow. Unashamed Magazine decided to follow my tweets, whose site is described as “Unashamed Magazines goal is to inspire young adults that have dreams of becoming entrepreneurs, music artist, designers, photographers, film directors and more, by taking a look at other young adults sold out for Christ. We want people to be inspired by those who are chasing their dreams and placing God first in their business and in their lives. This magazine will tell their stories and testimonies of their journey and how they each learned to take up their cross to follow Christ. We are here to show you the reality of how a life has been changed and to tell the trials, the heart ache, and the BLESSINGS that followed. Our top priority is aim to deplete sin out of our everyday lives and live out the life that God has planned for us.” I was so encouraged by that, but also more encouraged with the tweet they sent me and a few others that states: “I would love for u 2 submit your testimony 2 get a chance to be seen in our very 1st issue email ………………!” Here is a YouTube Video that explains Unashamed Magazine a little more in-depth:

I am so excited for the opportunity! I have put together most of my testimony and will be sharing it with them and hopefully will be able to share it with the world one day!

I am encouraged in every way and so happy to be able to share this excitement with you! For all of these incredible things to have happened to me encourages me that God is not only doing this in my life, but so many others around the world! It’s never easy, but if you just hang in there and know that God is there and trust and believe, God can do anything! Don’t give up on whatever it is you feel it is you are here for! Go for it! We all have a plan and purpose for our lives! I am making a commitment to not give up on my writing and singing and I encourage you to join with me in doing the same for your passion!

Thanks for reading and being so patient with me through my busy life and long posts!!

Ms. Mariah Carey Has Done It Once Again!

Okay, for those of you who don’t already know, Mariah Carey is my favorite singer. Always have been (yes since she first came out in 1990), and always will be (until I die). Anyway, those of you who do know already, you know I had to blog about her new song when the video came out! I’m already happy and mad at the same time that she is on American Idol. Happy because she is on there and mad because I just exceeded the age limit to audition! And yes I can actually sing, I wouldn’t have gone on AI just to meet Mariah! Okay, maybe I would have! Anyway, I love her new song! It’s definitely not the traditional Mariah song, until the end with her powerhouse notes, and is it safe to say that her runs are actually topping some of the top “runners” out there? I’ll let you be the judge, although, nothing will change my mind about her incomparable vocals!

Video: Mariah Carey – Almost Home

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I Look To You Whitney Houston Tribute!

If you read my last post, you will remember that I posted about Terrell Carter being the actor in 21:03’s music video. Well, here he is singing one of the best Whitney Houston tributes, in my opinion. His runs are crystal clear and smooth and boy does he have a beautiful voice/tone! He is most known/remembered by his appearance in some of Tyler Perry’s plays and his appearance on XFactor. I have always been a huge fan, since the first time I heard his voice long ago! I hope you enjoy this beautiful rendition of “I Look To You” with a little hint of “I Will Always Love You”.

Video: Whitney Houston “I Look to You” the best Tribute by Terrell Carter

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I’m So, So Sorry

Have you ever said something that you thought you meant, but regretted it later? Have you done something hurtful and wish you could do everything over again and better the next time? We all have had something to reflect on and wish we could have done it differently. My advice to you, try the first time to make it right. We may never get a “next time” or it just might be too late. I would like to post it here, if you are reading this, friends and family, please know that I am sorry for anything that I have ever said or done that was wrong and/or hurtful in any way. I love you and do not want any bad blood between us at all! I am sharing this video with you because I want you to reflect and think about what it is you have done to wrong/hurt someone in your life. If you don’t know how to deal with it, just step out in faith and say “I’m Sorry”.

Video: 21:03 (Twenty One O Three) – I’m Sorry featuring J Moss
Side Note: The actor in the Video is Terrell Carter from the Tyler Perry plays who is also a fantastic singer!

**Mini Update: Still working on the interview with my hubby. Believe it or not, it’s one of the last things we think about when we get home with the kids/school/work. As promised I will get it to you! Thanks for understanding and being so patient!

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