Ms. Mariah Carey Has Done It Once Again!

Okay, for those of you who don’t already know, Mariah Carey is my favorite singer. Always have been (yes since she first came out in 1990), and always will be (until I die). Anyway, those of you who do know already, you know I had to blog about her new song when the video came out! I’m already happy and mad at the same time that she is on American Idol. Happy because she is on there and mad because I just exceeded the age limit to audition! And yes I can actually sing, I wouldn’t have gone on AI just to meet Mariah! Okay, maybe I would have! Anyway, I love her new song! It’s definitely not the traditional Mariah song, until the end with her powerhouse notes, and is it safe to say that her runs are actually topping some of the top “runners” out there? I’ll let you be the judge, although, nothing will change my mind about her incomparable vocals!

Video: Mariah Carey – Almost Home

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