Review This (Part 2 of Many)

Today, I’m going to talk about two very different songs! I know some of you like the hip hop, but some of you are far from it, lol! I am posting these songs for the lyrical content. Listen to the lyrics and see if you can relate in any way. I usually post the lyrics, but if I can find the videos on YouTube with the lyrics on them already, well, then I will post them just as they are.

The first song really speaks to me. I know that relying on God to lead me in the right direction actually starts with me. How many times have you waited and waited on God to do something special in your life and you seem like you are waiting FOREVER? Well, sometimes God is showing us plainly that it really starts with us and how we are going to use the resources he gave us. We have the bible to read, we have prayers to pray and we have praise and worship to give to God, but if we don’t do that, when will He see that we are really and wholeheartedly putting our complete trust in him? It “Starts With Me”! Take a listen!

Tim Timmons – Starts With Me

Okay, this song is something that I have dealt with. Being someone who has dealt with bitterness is not an easy thing to admit, let alone overcome. We as Christians, let alone humans, are all battling some type of emotion involving hurt, pain, loneliness, sadness, anxiety, depression, etc. But, as Andy Mineo states in one of the lines in this song, “Bitterness is a choice” and when you think about it, it really is. You stay bitter because you constantly think about the hurt someone has caused you and it prevents you from moving forward. I am not posting this to make you feel bad, but to encourage you that you can come out of being bitter. Take a listen (lyrics are included in this video as well)!

Andy Mineo – Bitter

Stay tuned for more posts! I have a ton of songs to share with you all!


Review This (Part 1 of Many)

I have decided to begin a little segment of reviewing Christian songs that have really spoken to me and sharing them with you. I must tell you, first, a little story about why I decided to do this. I have, ever since my first car, had a system in it. I mean the whole subwoofers, amps, bass knobs, equalizers, compressors, etc. So, of course, I didn’t always listen to Christian hip hop, but I listened to hardcore rap, and just anything that had a rapper and foul language. But, over the last 10 years, I have really begun to listen to Christian Rap, R&B, Gospel, etc. I love hip hop and always will, BUT I noticed that I get some crazy looks when I am listening to it. Why? Not because it sounds like an actual Christian song, but because the latest music sounds more and more like the secular music on the radio. In my opinion, it’s better. Anyway, recently my husband was listening to a song (something along the lines of Lecrae, Da TRUTH, Tedashii, Trip Lee, Flame, other christian rappers, etc.) and some guy drives by and yells at him “Turn that (expletive) down!” Now, last time I checked it was okay for many others to listen to their music on their stereo systems loud as ever and nobody complain, so why should he have to turn it down? The next time you hear someone going by with a blasting stereo system, try listening to the words FIRST before you judge them!

So, to go on to why I started this little segment, I am going to share with you a song that I stumbled upon while listening to Pandora (Cam Radio is the station I chose) on my way to work. It’s basically the man letting the devil know his REAL place in all of this. You gotta listen! So, here it is and the lyrics are posted below the video…tell me what you think!

WLAK – Long Way Down

I know who you are, skip the introduction yah yah
Tell me what you’re doing here
Did you come just to put me in the dungeon?
No, no, do you know who I am?
Look at me, do you know who I belong to?
No, no, you think it’s such a nightmare, yah whatever
Take me and He’ll hunt you forever
You think you’re already miserable
But you don’t even know half of the evil he creates
You think you know wrath, but you’ve only had a taste
He’ll make you invisible
Same old music, new genre
Same old phantom, new opera
I’m dancing with you, whole lot of drama
But I had to make a point, now its time to blow this joint
And I know you don’t believe me, no
But you better leave me
See, you were just a puppet
No control over yourself, let alone nobody else

And I wonder how it feels
To fall like lightening because you’re full of yourself
It’s a long way down, it’s a long way
I bet it’s a long way down, it’s a long way from heaven, yah
I wonder how it feels
To fall like lightening because you’re full of yourself
It’s a long way down, it’s a long way
I bet it’s a long way down, it’s a long way from heaven, yah

20 years of my life, excepting my plight, believing in your lies
But it didn’t add up, divided truth, deception multiplies
My eyes, my eyes, He reached down and grabbed the mud
I cried, I cried when I understood His love
Then my crying turned to laughter and I realized soon after
That the fear in pose was just a pose
You were not a factor, but an actor
At the final scene you won’t be around
You and death won’t make a sound
It’s a long way down

I wonder how it feels
To fall like lightening because you’re full of yourself
It’s a long way down, it’s a long way
I bet it’s a long way down, it’s a long way from heaven, yah
I wonder how it feels
To fall like lightening because you’re full of yourself
It’s a long way down, it’s a long way
I bet it’s a long way down, it’s a long way from heaven, yah

“You’re just mad ’cause you can’t do it!”

157281462Let me first say that I made a choice to make my day/week as great as I possibly can, but this has to be the funniest thing to begin my work week! Let me give you a little info of where I work. I work downtown for the Fremont Street Experience here in Las Vegas. Being a Las Vegas native and working here for a few years, you do see pretty much everything, but still, it always catches you off guard like it did today! So today, I decided to go to Walgreens which is built right into our parking structure which also includes our office area and the Flightline’s office area. So as I go for my little “stroll”, I see a guy walking and looking down the other street as if he’s checking to make sure security wasn’t coming then looks at me with this creeper look in his eyes. Then he decides to, right in the middle of the street not even hiding, whip out his *expletive* and take a piss (yes I said piss!) right in front of me!!! To my unsurprised surprise (it’s happened before, but caught me off guard yet again) as I’m telling him, “Are you serious dude?!” (yes I said dude), he yells out, “You’re just mad ’cause you can’t do it!” I then proceeded to get my phone and act like I took a picture and told him “I’m not mad cause I can’t do it, in fact I’m happy that I caught you peeing on camera so I can put you all on the internet for this!” That’s when he ran! Ahaha! Of course I didn’t have time to really get pictures (not that I wanted to anyway) and I finished my walk to Walgreens, got my little bag of sliced apples & water to go with my peanut butter, and came into the office laughing!!! What an interesting day it’s going to be!!!

My Inspiration

36520_10200992372945322_1995635031_nPeople are inspired everyday. With new events that surface each day, it makes us find a new topic to discuss, time and energy put into those feelings, ideas, and actions, etc. I have found that many of the surrounding events currently today have been draining, overwhelming, and overall depressing. Sometimes I take a step back and walk away from putting the energy, time, feelings, actions, etc into those topics. I simply ignore everything and try to stay within my own little world. How many times is that immediately interrupted by something or someone, some event whether happy or sad? Why? It’s because it was meant to change. Things are not meant to always be as they have been or as they will be in the future.

988252_10200992336664415_1131308602_nI have a love for clouds. Yes, clouds in the sky, so much beauty. Clouds change every day. They are never the same. Looking at the clouds has reminded that I need to change with them. If I stay in the same space for too long, I will miss the many beautiful shapes and forms that clouds will take on each new day. I am constantly reminded that, even when clouds go away and take their time out of the sky, they always come back with a new shape and form and always bring back that same inspiring feeling.

992897_10200992326584163_688039015_nI have chosen to stay away for a while and tried to stay within my own little world, however, it has actually inspired me to reshape and reform who I am and who it is that God has changed me to be. I will never be perfect, but everyday, I choose to take on a shape and form of someone who will be there to inspire others to find their inspiration and also share it with others!

**All images were taken by me via Iphone and then shared on my Instagram. You can find me on Instagram as @mrsscottmaemae**