Last Day of 2012!

Yes, it’s finally here!  December 31, 2012!  I can’t believe how fast time flies!  This coming year is going to be great!  I’m speaking positivity into my life and all of yours!  Let’s make this year as memorable as possible!  Do things you’ve never done before, love more, laugh more, live more, dance more, sing more, do everything like it’s your last day on earth, every day!  The more you get out of your life, the more you will show others it can be done too! We may have heartaches, sadness, pain, but if we remember how we were able to get through this year, we know we can get through the next!  I’ve experienced my share of laughter, joy, life, death, sadness, pain, and tears, but let’s get through this year together!  Goodbye 2012, hello and Happy New Year 2013! 


New Year’s Resolutions or New Year’s Broken Promises?

We all think hard about our New Year’s Resolutions, make some new ones, retry some old ones, and mix some of the old with the new. I, for one, am very good at NOT keeping my New Year’s Resolutions. Why is that though? It’s like we promise to do things in our lives to better ourselves, but we often neglect ourselves for others. While there is nothing wrong with doing for others, which is something I encourage, we cannot forget to keep ourselves as an important part of our lives too. Sometimes we don’t have anyone who will put us before themselves and so we have to do it.

As I write this blog, I would like to share some of my New Year’s Resolutions and steer clear of broken promises. We don’t want to let ourselves down any more than the world already does at times. Having four kids, I would like to take even more time out of my day to spend with each of my children one on one. Being a mother is hard and sometimes children feel neglected when there are more than one, so I would like to spread my “motherly love” evenly (if that’s possible, I will try my best). Another resolution, to make sure my husband takes advantage of nights out of things my husband likes to do, whether it’s with me or out with his friends, brother, etc. He likes to hang out, but he always says he wants to chill at home with me and the kids and watch movies or go eat! I have an amazing husband (as you will read in my upcoming interview/post of him), who is also a great father, and an amazing friend and teammate! But Lord knows he needs to have his time too and I don’t want him to feel obligated to stay home or feel guilty if he goes out. My third resolution is to eat healthier and exercise regularly. Me and my husband share this resolution because we want to teach our children how to eat, cook and be healthier also. My fourth resolution is to be a better person. Not just being nice, but trying my best to look at each situation I’m presented with and act reasonably (not that I don’t now, but I can reflect on some situations where I wasn’t “reasonable” at all). My fifth resolution is to SING, SING, SING! I know I have said it multiple times and did not do it. Not every time it was in my hands because I was sick some of the time, but NO MORE EXCUSES! It’s coming, just watch and see! My sixth and final resolution (this could change, I could add a few) is to be a better Christian. I know, “blah blah blah” is what some of you are saying right now, lol, but I really mean this. I want to be a better Christian which means not JUDGING others for their actions/beliefs, etc. I will read the Bible more, pray more for friends, family, and others, and have a closer relationship with God, by following his commands and loving others.

I would also like to know, what are some of your New Year’s Resolutions?? Are they to eliminate bad habits, stop holding a grudge, exercising, following your passion, finding a new job, stepping out of your comfort zone to do something spectacular, etc? I want to hear about them! It’s exciting that we have a new day to start fresh everytime we wake up, but it’s even more exciting when we get to start a new year, set goals, and see those things actually come out successfully. Share them with me and let’s make New Year’s Resolutions, not New Year’s Broken Promises!

Single Parents, Married Parents

Being a single mother isn’t easy and neither is being a mother with a husband. Its never easy raising children on your own or with someone who has different views and trying to come up with a compromise or middle ground in the same household. I’m sure its not easy for men with the “baby mama drama” just as I’m certain its not easy for the baby mama drama that you’re married to and live with. Don’t feel that just because your situation is different and seems harder, that it is. Both situations come with their struggles. If you’re that single parent, respect the married parents, and married parents respect the single parents. We need to uplift and encourage one another no matter what life differences!

Christians ARE NOT perfect! *Updated*

Yes, we are not perfect! We have feelings, we get angry, sometimes we may slip and curse, say mean and hurtful things, act like a maniac, commit sins, and then look like the most non Christian person in the room! It’s a painful thing when we realize how idiotic we look and what a terrible example we just set for those around us! It’s even worse when we get this comment shooting us: “Aren’t you supposed to be a Christian?” knowing we didn’t show how Christians are SUPPOSED to act!

Another thing that I would like to touch on is that when we are trying to do the right thing, its as if the enemy doesn’t want us to do right and obey. So what does he do??? he tempts us, wishing us to lust and fall. It’s a terrible thing when it happens, but with admitting and confessing our sin to God, God forgives us through the blood of his son Jesus Christ and if we are open to Him, we can be renewed with a sharper view and stronger to resist temptation, come out VICTORIOUS and be REDEEMED of the Lord!

I am sharing this video because it is a testimony of one of my favorite Christian rappers, Da Truth, who overcame temptation and SIN and repented with a new LIFE and a new word for those of us who have dealt with or are dealing with the same thing! A little of it has to do with what I dealt with back in 2010 of my life! I was in the same place he was in the video!

I hope you are encouraged! LISTEN TO THE LYRICS, it tells it all!

When I was dead, revived my soul
Takes the broken makes them whole
Takes the bound makes them free
Takes the weak and makes them strong
All of my sins been erased
He has lifted my disgrace
I’m overjoyed, overjoyed
That Jesus would make me whole

I ain’t tryin to be hot or tryin to be relevant
I ain’t a candle I ain’t trying to wax eloquent
I’m runnin from my life, now I’m tryin to fight hard
these ain’t just lyrics but a contrite heart
Yeah, feeling it like the heat in the summer
We know better but the flesh be keeping us running
Back the leeks and onions as i recently discovered
If it’s in the dark it’s impossible to keep secrets covered
Who would have known that my indiscretions would reach my cousins
I apologize to Mimi my niece and others
Should have been able to trust but I breached the covenant
I knew you all before you was able to reach the cupboard
Now when I preached in public it’s all out the window
Cause sin contradicted a lot of what my pen wrote
Especially when I wrote an open book
Apparently there was something in me I overlooked

When I was dead, revived my soul
Takes the broken makes them whole
Takes the bound makes them free
Takes the weak and makes them strong
All of my sins been erased
He has lifted my disgrace
I’m overjoyed, overjoyed
That Jesus would make me whole

Check my records I got some prize like Harlem nights
I need Jesus, David’s son like a Harley bike
Wasn’t hardly right what I did was wrong
And it ticks me off and sets me off
And I hate the consequences cause death results
But I know I reap what I sow like Betsy Ross
Find More lyrics at
He ain’t tempt me but He let me fall
Now I carry all that pain, sin left me scarred
He let me fall but He ain’t let me go
And now I wouldn’t stray, sin left me broke
yeah the life in me ain’t no crystal stair
but I keep climbing cause the diamond is crystal clear
At times I’m quiet, I get a chair
sit and stare think about the ways the sin affected my fiscal year
yeah the tide is turning now, shifting gears
Though I’m weak He’s given strength in midst of tears


Felt dead and lonely
Only God knows
That Jesus came to breathe life on my dry bones
I know a lot, knowing a lot’s not wrong
But now it’s all about application like the iPhone
I got hang-ups like dial tones
Yeah but Jesus hung up and died so
No condemnation, that’s my consolation
Am I still guilty? Not a conversation
Now I just wanna proclaim it in the congregation
God is good and Doctor Jesus got a lot of patients
I’m on the operating table, heart palpitating, look at what the potter’s shaping
God I thank the body, cause y’all came behind me
When my foot slipped and I sank in the valley
Something supernatural happened when the saints rallied
My true friends held me up like a bank robbery
And that’s foolproof, I can’t even front like a gold tooth
I hate what I had to go through, but I love the fact that I got to know you
So what you are witnessing now is the whole truth


Online Resources for the Christian Walk…

These are a few of the online resources that I use for my daily Christian walk.  It’s not easy being a Christian, although many believe that it is. 

This is Dr. Tony Evans.  Okay, you know Anthony Evans the singer?  Okay he was featured on the last season of The Voice.  He’s already an established Christian singer, and this is his father, who is a pastor…a great one at that!  He has a new word every day at this link.  Hope this helps you like it does for me!

The next one I use is from Dr. Charles Stanley.  He can be heard on SOS Radio and his show is called InTouch.  Here is is link and he also has daily sermons that are about 30 minutes long!  Love this!

One last one, that only takes about a minute or two of your time…it’s the Daily Bread.  You know the little books that you can get from your church that have a daily word?  Well they are also online.  With all of this technology, we really don’t have a reason to start our days WITHOUT God!  No more excuses, lol!

Feel free to share some of your online resources with me as well!

Until next time…

-Mrs. Talk Your Ears Off

Mrs. Talk Your Ears Off has a meaning…

Good evening, morning, afternoon,

Wherever you may be today, I hope this finds you at the right place and time!  I have been struggling with many things inside (as we all do) and didn’t know exactly what I was going to do with it, until it was very clear to me at about 3:00 am when my youngest child (9 1/2 months old) woke me up this morning!  I have a story to tell!

While my story is like many others, victim of abuse, close to being raped/raped, and well, forced into things that were not a part of who I really was.  Through it all I was forced to put a smile on my face and “roll on” as some people used to tell me.  So I was unofficially given the name “Miss Talk Your Ears Off”.  It was given to me in the way of “man this girl will talk your ears off”.  So I changed it.  MRS. Talk Your Ears Off has something positive for those who read my blog.  And I say Mrs. because I have accepted who I am as a person at this point in my life (and because I’m married, lol).  I want you to know that no matter what you have gone through in your life, you can overcome it!  I know some people may come across my blog and not believe some of the things I post, but I am here to encourage, whether you believe or not, that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13.  This applies to you too!

I encourage you to share my blog with others who may need encouragement and can relate to my posts/life.  I am not here to judge anyone, especially because I am not perfect.  I am writing,  not because I want to be known, but because I want to share with others, my love for life, living it, and bring encouragement. 

Until next time…

-Mrs. Talk Your Ears Off

Connecticut school shooting, such a tragedy…

If you aren’t aware or are just hearing about this, here’s the link to CNN’s coverage on the story…

It saddens me that these innocent people had to lose their lives.  I feel for those families and my love and prayers go out to all that are affected.  It’s sad to know that these families will have to go through the rest of their lives without their loved ones. 

I would like to encourage those of you around those hurting because of lost loved ones or friends, to extend a warm hug, kind words or gestures to them.  Let’s all say a prayer for them and let’s take this as a time to end those grudges and love harder.  We never know what will happen next.  Life is too short; don’t take it for granted!