The Struggle Within

Some days are harder than others. When you feel like you are so unworthy, no one cares, and you feel so insecure about the way you look, your life, or the few friends you have. Maybe even just inside, you have never felt worthy, never felt like you measured up, never really felt forgiven for your past, etc. I know I have felt this way most of my life. Sure, people on the outside may look at you and see that you have wonderful parents, wonderful kids, a wonderful life, and think that you are just ungrateful or selfish. The truth is, things are not always what they seem to the outsider. No one can really understand what it is you are going through until they have lived in your shoes. But it’s songs like these that make you see and realize that you aren’t alone! God has a plan and a purpose for your life and he doesn’t look at you as a failure, but he looks at us as we have been redeemed! When I first heard this song and listened to the lyrics, I knew God was speaking to my heart through this song. I am so happy Big Daddy Weave recorded Redeemed and I’m also happy to share it with you. I hope that this song does for you what it has done for me; showing me that through God, I’m not a failure and I am redeemed!


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