This Christian’s Take on Marriage Equality

Traditional MarriageI’m NOT sorry for believing in Traditional Marriage. Big surprise, right? No, just continue to read my point, it’s not what you think! I’m NOT sorry for NOT believing in Divorce. I’m NOT sorry for upholding my faith and sticking to it. HOWEVER, I feel sorry for those who think that HATRED is going to solve our disagreements. I feel sorry for those who CANNOT respect my beliefs. I feel sorry for those who THINK I don’t respect them for their beliefs. The truth of the matter is I would be a HYPOCRITE if I called myself a Christian and then told you that I don’t believe what the bible says about marriage being between a man and a woman. I would also be a HYPOCRITE if I started telling gays that I hate them because of their choice! If you think marriage should be between a man and a woman only, of course you should stick to it. If you think marriage is between two loving people, of course you should stick to it. HATRED IS NOT THE WAY TO GO! If equality in marriage is passed, for you Christians (including myself), is it going to kill you? NO! Is it going to make you gay? NO! Is it going to mean that your marriage will no longer be sacred? NO!

Of course, there is never going to be a way where everyone agrees, but I must share my feelings about this. I feel that no matter what, as Christians, we should love one another. No matter what! That means EVERYONE! You cannot hate someone because of their choices or because their beliefs are different from yours! Being a Christian does not mean that we have to MAKE others believe what we believe. Remember, God gave us a choice. A choice to believe or not and it’s not up to us to PUSH our beliefs on another. With that being said, if we live our lives, our actions and love should show others the true meaning of being a Christian. Telling people they are going to hell because of their choices is NOT the way to go! Only God can make that choice!

117148758So my stand is definitely for Traditional Marriage, but I will NOT tolerate anyone being HATEFUL to ANYONE at any time, even if this Equality for Marriage does pass! Am I going to be outside protesting? No. Am I going to tell you that you are going to hell for voting for marriage equality? Of course not, but I will still love the same, believe the same things, still be close friends & family to the people in my family that ARE gay and AREN’T, and I will NOT shove my beliefs on anyone. Everyone has a CHOICE! Let everyone make their own choices! You are only accountable for yourself in the end anyway!


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