Another Dance Video

This song by Lecrae, called “Hallelujah”, is good and so are the dancers. V3, which means “Victory through Vision and Voice” uses their dance as a form of worship to give glory God! I love their ideas and their moves! Just thought I’d share another one of their videos! Hope you enjoy!


This Is For All Of You Who Love to Watch Dancers DANCE!

Yes, I love to dance and I love to see people dance! We see all kinds of dance and it’s actually amazing what people can do with their bodies to the music! But I have found something that I absolutely love even more! Using your dancing to glorify God?! Is this possible? I’m not talking about your typical praise dance (which I love, so I’m not knocking it) but when you can actually dance to a song that sounds like what you would hear on the radio and can glorify God through it and make it look current, that’s an amazing plus! So I’m sharing this video with you because these guys are awesome, and they’re also dancing to one of my favorite songs, “Forgiven” by Deitrick Haddon. The lyrics are all positive and so are the moves! Hope you enjoy this short video. And who knows, there might be some more posts today featuring these talented people, V3.

Stop Fakin’!

We are all guilty of faking something, whether it be our looks, attitudes, or our status. Some people have taken it to the extreme, though! None of us are perfect and sometimes we have faked to make others accept us for who we are, or what we want others to think we are. The truth is, just stop faking and be yourself. No matter what, people are either going to like you or dislike you. You could be perfect, heck, Jesus was perfect, and look at how much hatred he had against him! Let’s live a life free of faking and just be ourselves. If you want to be a better person, ask God to change you, if you want to prosper, there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you don’t forget where it came from.

Here’s a video I would like to share that shows how some people in the music industry are fakin’. There are some pretty funny points in this video. As you watch this video and get a few laughs at how stupid it looks to fake to someone on the outside, reflect on yourself and see what areas in your life you have faked. It’s always easier to look at someone’s situation, but we must not forget to learn from our mistakes and be able to look back and laugh at ourselves too. Plain and simple (and this goes for me too) STOP FAKIN! *I also posted the lyrics below the video so you can follow along*

Lecrae featuring Thi’sl – Fakin (Official Video)

Lyrics Below

Verse 1 (Lecrae):
I’m riding round and I’m getting’ it; they riding round pretendin’
I been had it, I been done, I promise that it’s all empty
They say they ridin’ Bugatti’s, man, put some babies through college
Quit tryna’ act like the trap is cool, ‘cause we tired hearin’ that garbage
Hey, bags of white, pints of lean, I been on dope boys since a teen
But this ain’t what we meant to be, and y’all don’t make no sense to me
You pump fakin’, ain’t shootin’, ain’t killin, ain’t doin’
Half them thangs you say you doin’, but 116 we stay true an’
Ain’t dope dealin’, ain’t Po pimpin’, talkin’ ‘bout my own folk killin’
We on that Jesus soul healin’, so serious, gorillas
Wild ain’t we, can’t tame us, been changed, can’t change us
1:16 – You can’t shame us. Live that truth; you can’t blame us

I heard him say he bought the block
In his song he say he gansta’ but he not
Say he makin’ money, cashin’ big checks
While his chain leavin’ green on his neck
I’m not impressed

So I guess that make you, yes that make you
That make you a faker!

Verse 2 (Thi’sl):
He was all juiced up, thought he was Tupac
‘Til ‘dem boys caught him, hit him with them two shots
Now, he in the station singin’ like he T-Pain
The bullets made him lean, now I guess he’s 2 Chains
He bought that big-league cannon, wrapped it ‘round a 300
Now matter how you put it, boy, that’s still a 300
Stop that fakin’ and the flatchin’ cut it off
Frontin’ like your paper longer than the Power Ball
He think he Scarface, guess he ain’t seen the movie
Keep on fakin’ ‘til you face down in a Jacuzzi
With some killas in you room with some real guns
That don’t make noise and ain’t plastic but they real guns


Verse 3 (Lecrae):
Real recognize real; introduce ya’ self
Careful with that cannon boy; you might just shoot ya’ self
Somebody wake em’, tell em’ to stop fakin’
Before they end up lyin’ in the woods buck naked
These killas fulla’ them demons, while you pretendin’ you Scarface
You ain’t really no ghetto boy, why you fakin’ that hard face?
That just made him furious; somebody call Fishburne
Tell these boys in the hood 40 cal hits burn
And hell burns hotter, I turn to the Father
I prayin’, “Lord forgive em’ ‘cause they lyin’ like Mufasa
They got these eight’ graders with they eyes on a choppa
I pray the Lord save ‘em ‘fo He drop ‘em and make ‘em stop it



“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9

Sometimes we have a hard time forgiving others. Why is that? Maybe we don’t think someone deserves to be forgiven, feel they will be the “weak” person if they forgive, or may not even know how to begin forgiveness. I think that for myself, forgiving others is easier than it has been for me to learn to forgive myself. Now, learning to forgive myself for past mistakes has been a struggle, especially when those things are brought up to make you remember how embarrassing, humiliating, or dreadful an old situation has been. It sometimes prevents one from accepting that we are forgiven for our sins. So, I stumbled across this song, which I play in my truck EVERY day just to remind myself that I am forgiven. It has helped me to stop holding a grudge, stop being angry with those that might have anger toward me, and helped me to look at myself and change my faults instead of trying to change others. With that being said, I can now say to myself, “God forgave you, so I forgive you!” I know I am forgiven!

Toby Mac feat Lecrae – Forgiveness

Family, I Don’t Hate You, But You Must Understand

160531409Life is TOUGH! We all have tough times and it can really make life CRAZY! I have been going through some difficult times in my life, which I vowed (to myself) that I would cut off everything from even my own family. I have accepted the fact that I let social media take over my life for quite sometime. Social media is only something that people like to put out there for the world to see and the whole truth is never shown. Sadly, it can cause mistreatment, hatred, or even the slightest mistake of a miscommunication that can lead to anger and bitterness within families, friends, and acquaintances. We should never LET social media RULE us. So, like I stated, I have cut off all social media from my family (except my husband) for a reason (all social media, except for Facebook, which I need my account for my blog’s Facebook page too). Not that I hate anyone or am angry with anyone, but because I have made it a point in my life to stop relying on social media to build my relationships, or letting that be the only “time” I spend with my family. I don’t need a social media to help me out with that. I have indeed become lazy in the way I have been around my family, so I am making it a point to try my best to text my siblings every day or at least once a week or even give them a call. I plan to try my best to be around all of my family when we have a get together or a family function (of course things do come up and it’s not always possible). I have accepted that we have all gone our separate ways and I, too, have decided to keep some things for just me, my husband and kids. I have just made the decision to separate my life in the best way I can and love everyone in the way they should be. It’s a start, and I will let you know how all of it turns out!

Open Window, Open Door


The smiling hatred

I have done away with

Removing the negative and the boastful

So I don’t have a negative mouthful

Trying to survive the rest of my life

Without animosity and strife

But somehow it keeps finding my place

I try to run far, but still limited space

Confrontation, repeatedly, causes animosity

Quietly, by myself, sometimes melancholy

“Wise up!” I say, “You don’t have to stay here!”

Been here so long, I must face my fears

Opening up a window, getting myself up off the floor

Catching a little breather until God opens the door!

-Emeteria 4/18/2013

I Have Learned

98345051I have learned, over my life that I AM NOT PERFECT! It didn’t take much to learn that, lol, but I did. Let me explain. Okay, so I have been in what I call a blank page. I have been stuck. Nothing to write, nothing to say, nothing to do, etc. I have let little things get to me (for a little bit) and then quickly realized that these little things come and go in and out of my life. If I remain changing for the better, those little things will change into nonexistent things and let GOD handle it instead. I have been changed! I have learned a long time ago that you cannot change others. I am, however, just learning that I CAN love from a distance. I do not HAVE to surround myself with negativity, I do not HAVE to be angry or upset when others do me wrong (I’m not perfect, once again), BUT I do have to LOVE! I will not let anything or anyone get me down anymore!

118330295Don’t get me wrong, I like to have EXPENSIVE things, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Lots of people I know around me have these things and are VERY humble and DON’T brag about what they have or put others down because they may not have it. On the other hand, there’s people who really do feel they NEED those things in order to be SOMETHING, BUT I have learned that no matter what situation I’m facing in my life, I don’t NEED those things, and those things don’t DEFINE who I am or will be. What I need is LOVE, God is love, and if I have God, all other things will fall into place! “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33.

154948173I have learned that I have to change MYSELF in order to share the love of GOD in the way that He would have me to! I am not perfect (I know I keep saying that), but I do have feelings that get hurt too, I am a sinner saved by grace, I get angry, I get mad, I get happy, I get sad. I am not looking for applause or for someone to feel sorry for me. I have made a promise to not carry hatred in my heart. I will still be kind, still be loving, still be who I am becoming in Christ. I have learned to love my life for what it is, who is in it, rid any and all jealousy because it’s stupid and I really have nothing to be jealous about, and just continue to be me: the person God created in the womb, put me through the trials of this life, and created in me a new person through his grace and mercy!

115332547My prayer for today: “God I thank You for all that You are! I thank You for having grace and mercy on my life! I pray that others around me will see that You have done the same for them! I thank You for showing me that I NEED You in order to live this life! I pray that others will see that they NEED You too! Erase all of the bitterness, anger, and jealousy that we carry on our hearts and let us have a HEART like Yours God! In Jesus’ Name, AMEN!”