What Exactly Do You Mean?

161819376Ever been around someone who has always had something negative to say about anything you have ever done in your life? We all have. But what exactly do they mean? I learned an important lesson this week. Those criticisms usually come from someplace inside. Now this post is not to put them down or hate them in anyway. I want to share with you how to really deal with a situation like one I have been in before.

157329843Think about why they might be saying the negative things to you. Maybe someone in their past has never had anything encouraging to share with them and it’s a steady pattern. What happens when a toddler hears certain things and sees certain actions repeatedly? They continue in the same pattern. The truth is that, even as adults, we can do or say things to others as a “normal” reaction, but others will take it differently. Sometimes it’s in one’s nature to always say something negative first. So, what do we do? Get angry, tell them they’re just sorry losers or haters, or down right immature? (I know I have wanted to say some of these things before!) But really, NO! We would only be adding to their negativity. Why not try to change their reactions by not letting them see these hurtful words or actions get to you. If we start throwing out positive words and actions, you never know how much more of the positivity we will get in return.

143071106While you are holding onto a grudge or anger and telling the person that they will get what they deserve, just remember that the way you are treating them, even if they did you wrong, will also come back to you. Do you have to stay around a negative person? No, but when you are around them, treat them with kindness and see how much more peace you will have. Even if the person is being fake, eventually, you will look back on your actions and note the kindness you gave and see where it got you in return.

73091861Don’t be a pushover and stand up for what is right in your heart, but don’t be a bully either and sometimes you have to let God fight your battles. So, when someone is always negative and bringing you down, don’t let your return actions make others question you with “What exactly do you mean?”, but let your actions show exactly the love we should really be giving out to one another, no matter what!


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