The Crazy and The Good

**Today’s blog is a lengthy one! Bear with me!**

PhoneSo, I started writing a blog post yesterday, as promised, while I was sitting in the ER. After completing the ENTIRE blog on my phone, I decided to upload some pictures. By mistake, I uploaded the same photo twice and decided to cancel it. Never really posting a blog post from my phone via the WordPress app, I didn’t realize that I was hitting “cancel” to cancel the ENTIRE post! Now by then I was frustrated. Anyone who has as much to say as I do, typing the words on your phone can be a little annoying, especially because I type on the computer so much faster. Anyway, I decided to try to write again, but by that time, I was called to the back to deal with my little mess.

EmergencyFirst, I would like to share with you why I was in the Emergency Room in the first place. Saturday when I was getting my hair done by my sister (who is in cosmetology school) I felt a little pinch on my ankle. I looked, saw nothing and scratched the area. Later that evening, I saw some little blisters, like three bites in a row. I ignored it, thinking they would go away. I had been bitten before by an unknown insect, multiple times, and nothing had ever happened like what happened next. The next night, Sunday, I was still itching and it was still painful. The blisters turned into red blisters and had this clearish yellow puss coming out of it! GROSS, I know, right?! So I went to the ER early Monday morning because I couldn’t walk on it. Turns out it’s unknown what bit me, but it was definitely poisonous. It had spread to my entire top portion of my foot and my ankle and up part of my leg. That’s where it was swollen. So, I had to get a Tetanus shot, antibiotics because it gave me a skin infection in my foot, and some inflammation and swelling meds too. It’s amazing that my foot didn’t fall off! Okay so it wouldn’t have fallen off, but had I not gone to the doctor, it probably would have in a few days. So everything is okay now and the swelling has gone down immensely and I’m doing much better, except for the little uncomfortable feeling I may get every once in a while.

J MossSo, on to some exciting news! I posted a picture of a song and artist I like to listen to stating something similar to “Love J Moss’ music, beautiful day and beautiful music” on my Instagram (which also posts to my Twitter, Facebook, and my Tumblr page). J Moss, who is an amazing singer/songwriter/producer, saw my tweet and retweeted it. I then got a follow and a message saying Thank You. I was excited because I have been listening to him for so many years and his music plays a major role in keeping me encouraged and uplifted to stay on the path of being a good Christian. I was encouraged even more!

Unashamed MagazineAnother interesting thing that happened to me after that was another tweet and follow. Unashamed Magazine decided to follow my tweets, whose site is described as “Unashamed Magazines goal is to inspire young adults that have dreams of becoming entrepreneurs, music artist, designers, photographers, film directors and more, by taking a look at other young adults sold out for Christ. We want people to be inspired by those who are chasing their dreams and placing God first in their business and in their lives. This magazine will tell their stories and testimonies of their journey and how they each learned to take up their cross to follow Christ. We are here to show you the reality of how a life has been changed and to tell the trials, the heart ache, and the BLESSINGS that followed. Our top priority is aim to deplete sin out of our everyday lives and live out the life that God has planned for us.” I was so encouraged by that, but also more encouraged with the tweet they sent me and a few others that states: “I would love for u 2 submit your testimony 2 get a chance to be seen in our very 1st issue email ………………!” Here is a YouTube Video that explains Unashamed Magazine a little more in-depth:

I am so excited for the opportunity! I have put together most of my testimony and will be sharing it with them and hopefully will be able to share it with the world one day!

I am encouraged in every way and so happy to be able to share this excitement with you! For all of these incredible things to have happened to me encourages me that God is not only doing this in my life, but so many others around the world! It’s never easy, but if you just hang in there and know that God is there and trust and believe, God can do anything! Don’t give up on whatever it is you feel it is you are here for! Go for it! We all have a plan and purpose for our lives! I am making a commitment to not give up on my writing and singing and I encourage you to join with me in doing the same for your passion!

Thanks for reading and being so patient with me through my busy life and long posts!!


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