I’m So, So Sorry

Have you ever said something that you thought you meant, but regretted it later? Have you done something hurtful and wish you could do everything over again and better the next time? We all have had something to reflect on and wish we could have done it differently. My advice to you, try the first time to make it right. We may never get a “next time” or it just might be too late. I would like to post it here, if you are reading this, friends and family, please know that I am sorry for anything that I have ever said or done that was wrong and/or hurtful in any way. I love you and do not want any bad blood between us at all! I am sharing this video with you because I want you to reflect and think about what it is you have done to wrong/hurt someone in your life. If you don’t know how to deal with it, just step out in faith and say “I’m Sorry”.

Video: 21:03 (Twenty One O Three) – I’m Sorry featuring J Moss
Side Note: The actor in the Video is Terrell Carter from the Tyler Perry plays who is also a fantastic singer!

**Mini Update: Still working on the interview with my hubby. Believe it or not, it’s one of the last things we think about when we get home with the kids/school/work. As promised I will get it to you! Thanks for understanding and being so patient!

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