Looking For Love

So many of us are looking for love. Although many of us have found love, true love is not the definition of what we believe it to be. I feel happy and in love with my husband all the time, but anyone who has ever been married or been in love with someone knows that it has it’s ups and downs. Why? Because we change and we change how we feel, what we believe, how we act, etc. So, why do so many of us still have that longing for something more? When we seek God’s love in our lives, why do we still, at times, feel like we are missing something? Is it because we are ever changing and once we feel we’ve had our fill, we stop seeking? Or is it that we start listening to others, like in our own relationships, and let other’s opinions ruin our relationship with God? I don’t have all of the answers, but I know I have often felt the pain and heartache that I shouldn’t have to. If I just focused on my relationship with God instead of letting others determine the way my relationship should go, things would go much smoother. This is exactly what I have decided to do and share with you! So if you’re still looking for love, listen to this song…I love it.

Looking For Love – Trip Lee featuring J.R.


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