Online Resources for the Christian Walk Part 2

photo(2)Good morning, afternoon, evening! I just felt the need to share with you some of the online resources I use in my daily walk. If you have any you would like to share, feel free to do so!

I have shared some of these resources before, but for those of you who have not been following my blog since the very beginning or forgot to jot them down the first time, I just want to share them again.

The first two are my absolute favorite. Two pastors who you may or may not have heard of who have daily broadcasts. Their teaching is always helpful and always helps me to stay connected to God. It’s amazing that we can have pastors at church and also listen to other pastors who can confirm God’s message to us. The first is Dr. Tony Evans and you can listen to him here at The second one Dr. Charles Stanley and you can listen to him here at

Another resource I shared before was Our Daily Bread. It’s the same as those little booklets you receive at church that has about 3 months worth of the daily word in them, but you can listen to it online as well. The site is

Something that I wish was still around a lot more are stories on the radio. Although it was before my time (I’m 30), I used to LOVE hearing about families gathered around the radio to hear the different stories. My favorite thing to listen to now is called Unshackled. It’s a radio broadcast of stories about people who gave their life to God. You can listen to the broadcasts here at

My kids also love listening to stories on the radio. They just love stories in general. So, I had to throw one in here for the kids as well. It was something I listened to as a kid and I loved hearing every week. It’s called Adventures in Odyssey. These stories are awesome and all have a great message. Click on the link to listen to Adventures in Odyssey.

One last resource that I use, mainly by going into the stores, but you can use them online, is the Family Christian Stores. I go there about 2 times or more a month because my kids love the VeggieTales movies, the different Bibles and the different resources we can find and use as a family. It’s an awesome store and I love it! They have something for everyone and I love their home decor also. You can visit their site here at And if you want to get some awesome deals, sign up for their rewards here and get emails with awesome coupons. Another bonus at the stores I see here in Las Vegas, when you are a member, they have a Members Only $6 table. Everything on that table is $6, from DVD’s, to books, to devotionals, to CD’s, coffee mugs, etc. So many awesome deals!

I hope this list will help you as much as it helps me! Being a Christian isn’t easy, but with God anything is possible!


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