It’s Hard Losing Someone You Love!

This weekend was really tough for me. I saw that one of my old jr. high/high school friends (who I had not been around since high school) passed away (on my husband’s birthday). Having not been there for many years and just finally reconnecting through Facebook and seeing his condition and then getting word that he had passed brought up a lot of emotions. It may seem weird to some to know that I was extremely emotional, especially because I wasn’t even as close to him as those who have been there for him. But I tell you, death has a way of bringing up some emotions you may have suppressed for many years.

When I was about 11, I remember my Grandpa passing away. Since then, I have put away my feelings of sadness and always tried to cover them up with happy thoughts and put on a smile. It was hard for me then, and even more difficult for me to deal with now. I just lost my other Grandpa last year, August 3, 2012 to be exact. It was also difficult because I never got the chance to say goodbye. So, of course, like I said before, some may feel that I shouldn’t even feel the way I do about someone I hadn’t been around since high school. Sometimes people leave an impression on your heart, even from far away. Seeing how many people were always around him, knowing we had the same mutual friends, seeing the love others had for him, knowing we were both Gemini’s (it’s really a Gemini thing), and the way he was always an uplifting spirit and could tell you like it is at any given moment, definitely left me with something. One thing I can honestly say that I learned from him, even at a distance, was that we need to be strong! Live a fun life and always live to your full potential! I remember one of his last posts saying that although he was sick, he was still the same person!

To any of his family and close friends who are reading this, I would just like to say that I am so sorry for your loss. It has been tough on me from far away and not having had the chance to say goodbye, so for you all, I’m sure it’s even more difficult because you were able to know such a wonderful, strong person. I will continue to pray for you and your loss! One thing I’m leaving you with today is a song. It’s by Mercy Me, called Homesick. It’s about losing our loved ones and being homesick for our next home (heaven) because our loved ones are there! I know my grandparents and Joe are looking down on us and will be there to greet us all when we are also called home!

Mercy Me – Homesick


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