Review This (Part 6 of Many)!

Sometimes all hope is lost. We struggle in our relationships with friends and family along with the bad things that seem to be never ending. All of these issues that we can’t agree on, plus dealing with a constant question in our minds “Is it ever going to get better?”. Friends, I’m here to tell you that it does get better. The hurt and pain only lasts for a time and a season, and God will move you out of it!

As a Christian, it has never gotten to the point where I don’t face any battles and things are perfectly peachy. In fact, the struggle is still the same, only you have God to put your trust in and He always makes everything right! I cannot speak for everyone, but for me personally, the things I thought that God would never do, He has done. Even through the most devastating of situations, I would ask God why and often wonder why he didn’t just change my circumstances so that I could be happy. As a Christian, I do not have the answer to everything. I don’t think anyone can. If God is as great as He is (or that we claim Him to be), then we wouldn’t understand everything or why He lets things happen. If we all understood and knew everything He did and had the answers to everything, there would be no reason to believe in God. We, ourselves would be great and would have the cure or answers to everything.

My hope is not in knowing that we have to struggle in this life, my hope is in knowing that there is a God that has given me the free will to choose to live for Him (or not) even in the midst of all of my pain and suffering and in the end I will have a place to live free from all of those things. By the way, how will we ever appreciate a life where we no longer suffer and are forever happy if we didn’t go through a life of pain and suffering first?

With all of that said, listen to this song by Andy Mineo. I know I have been showing you all of the songs from that album, but this one (along with many others) speaks to me in a few different ways.

Andy Mineo – Death Has Died


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