Review This (Part 5 of Many!)

‘Review This’ is back today. I have noticed that I am at a place in my life where I have to come to terms with the truth. The truth? The truth about what? The truth about my life. The truth of being first, but usually last. And I don’t mean the verse from the bible where it states “In the same way, the last will be first, and the first will be last, because many are called, but few are chosen.” Matthew 20:16 (that’s a whole new topic there).

What I really mean is being told that I was too old to do some things in my life because I was too old (when I was only 6) and having my dreams crushed at such a young age. I also mean the times when I was told that I was loved, but then some things were really just said and not actually meant. The same times when I was told that fairness was the only way, but then you see the treatment you get compared to others, you realize that what you have done never really mattered anyway. I was always trying to do good because I felt that if I didn’t do right or tell on others, I would get the punishment I didn’t really deserve. Then made to put on a front so that no one would know the real TRUTH of everything.

I have come to terms that all of these things, along with some unmentioned things, I had no control over. However, coming to this realization about the truth in my life, I understand that everyone else has their own battles and things they struggled with. As for me, I have always used music to overcome my battles. And really Matthew 20:16 does play a part in this life. We all can’t change the way this world has become and continues to become, but at least when this Gravity is no more, our truths will all be one, or two!

Lecrae – Gravity ft J.R.


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