“You’re just mad ’cause you can’t do it!”

157281462Let me first say that I made a choice to make my day/week as great as I possibly can, but this has to be the funniest thing to begin my work week! Let me give you a little info of where I work. I work downtown for the Fremont Street Experience here in Las Vegas. Being a Las Vegas native and working here for a few years, you do see pretty much everything, but still, it always catches you off guard like it did today! So today, I decided to go to Walgreens which is built right into our parking structure which also includes our office area and the Flightline’s office area. So as I go for my little “stroll”, I see a guy walking and looking down the other street as if he’s checking to make sure security wasn’t coming then looks at me with this creeper look in his eyes. Then he decides to, right in the middle of the street not even hiding, whip out his *expletive* and take a piss (yes I said piss!) right in front of me!!! To my unsurprised surprise (it’s happened before, but caught me off guard yet again) as I’m telling him, “Are you serious dude?!” (yes I said dude), he yells out, “You’re just mad ’cause you can’t do it!” I then proceeded to get my phone and act like I took a picture and told him “I’m not mad cause I can’t do it, in fact I’m happy that I caught you peeing on camera so I can put you all on the internet for this!” That’s when he ran! Ahaha! Of course I didn’t have time to really get pictures (not that I wanted to anyway) and I finished my walk to Walgreens, got my little bag of sliced apples & water to go with my peanut butter, and came into the office laughing!!! What an interesting day it’s going to be!!!