My Inspiration

36520_10200992372945322_1995635031_nPeople are inspired everyday. With new events that surface each day, it makes us find a new topic to discuss, time and energy put into those feelings, ideas, and actions, etc. I have found that many of the surrounding events currently today have been draining, overwhelming, and overall depressing. Sometimes I take a step back and walk away from putting the energy, time, feelings, actions, etc into those topics. I simply ignore everything and try to stay within my own little world. How many times is that immediately interrupted by something or someone, some event whether happy or sad? Why? It’s because it was meant to change. Things are not meant to always be as they have been or as they will be in the future.

988252_10200992336664415_1131308602_nI have a love for clouds. Yes, clouds in the sky, so much beauty. Clouds change every day. They are never the same. Looking at the clouds has reminded that I need to change with them. If I stay in the same space for too long, I will miss the many beautiful shapes and forms that clouds will take on each new day. I am constantly reminded that, even when clouds go away and take their time out of the sky, they always come back with a new shape and form and always bring back that same inspiring feeling.

992897_10200992326584163_688039015_nI have chosen to stay away for a while and tried to stay within my own little world, however, it has actually inspired me to reshape and reform who I am and who it is that God has changed me to be. I will never be perfect, but everyday, I choose to take on a shape and form of someone who will be there to inspire others to find their inspiration and also share it with others!

**All images were taken by me via Iphone and then shared on my Instagram. You can find me on Instagram as @mrsscottmaemae**