My Life! My Rant! Episode 2!

Ultrasound TwinsThis completely amazes me! Why do people constantly feel the need to monitor me and check me for kids as if I’m being inspected for some type of drugs? I cannot even work without rumors being spread such as “Someone told me about a month ago that you’re pregnant”. Maybe I have put on some extra pounds (which I thought I was losing) or maybe what I have been wearing lately has not been very flattering for my figure. Either way, what makes a person spread someone else’s “business” because it’s what they are hoping for? If someone I knew was pregnant and they didn’t already put it out there, I wouldn’t talk about it unless I knew it was absolutely true AND I would respect their privacy. After all, some people don’t want to share the news right away.

For me, having had enough miscarriages to be heartbroken (one is all it really takes), it takes a lot of energy in me to share with someone if I am pregnant. I was devastated although I had 3 kids at the time when I had a miscarriage. I was so sad because I knew how amazing children can be when they are going through the different stages of life and I knew that my dream of having all of my kids back to back with no large gaps in between was getting farther from my reality. Truth is, God didn’t want it that way and I’m thankful that he blessed us with our 4th child when he did, which was about 1 year and 4 months ago. I absolutely love her and she is definitely perfect for our family.

So, to set the record straight, I want more children and so does my husband. At this time in our life, we aren’t ready to have them now. We are grown, know what we are doing to make sure that it stays this way until we are a little more financially stable for more children and are both emotionally and physically ready. If we have more, great! If we end up not having anymore, it’s not a big deal at all and we will still be happy! No, I’m not pregnant! Time will tell if you are in disbelief!

And if you’re wondering why I posted an ultrasound picture of twins, it’s because I know some of the ones speculating would read it and will get the truth directly from me! Hate to fool anyone, but I just want the record set straight! Once again, I’m NOT pregnant!


One thought on “My Life! My Rant! Episode 2!

  1. I am glad you posted this. Maybe people are just hoping you are pregnant. You are absolutely right in waiting upon The Lord for the blessing of more children. No one should even suggest it’s time for more. God bless you in this adventure.

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