My Life! My Rant! Episode 1!

166008950Some people like to make it seem as if everything is fine and nothing ever goes wrong in their lives. While there is nothing wrong with that (because no one should know everything in your life anyway), it’s not fair if they make it seem nothing is wrong in their life, but find everything wrong with yours. My current circumstance is nothing I’m ashamed of. It’s funny to me that what is not a problem for me, somehow is a problem to others on the outside. Now I don’t mean any one person specifically, but I mean others I see at work, or people I meet and get to know a little about. It seems as if there’s always a judgmental comment coming my way, which after some time, can completely make me become irritated and will make me either ignore you completely or only deal with you if I have to. With that being said, it saddens me that I could go this far and sometimes be angry (as you’ll see with my rant). I think that it’s time for me to go through another course of change in my life. If it means bettering myself for myself, then I’m all for it.

My current situation, married with 4 kids, living with my parents, working full time, being a full time student, and emotionally supporting my husband as he went through a major career change (to a better job, thankfully), has been rough. Ups and downs financially and within my family. As a couple, it has made us stronger, but has shown us who in our lives will be so quick to judge and put us down because of it. With things looking so much better financially and within the family, we are not in a rush to make moves that others want us to make, but do things the way we would like to. Am I saying I’m going to stay in my current situation forever? No. We’re working on it for us. Am I jealous of what others may have or be doing that is different from me and my family? Of course not. Am I saying that I hate anyone because of it? No way. People only THINK they know what we have been through and I find it quite amusing when the story comes back to me with all of the colorful twists and turns that are added as a result of no one coming directly to the source and asking, but fabricating their own imagery of our life. As talented as some have been with these stories, you’d think they’d put it to good use and go write a novel. Heck, I’d probably read (or listen to the “stories”) they tell.

I know that sometimes I have to just simply walk away and do what is best for me and my family, while the stories fly around our head. I have decided that I need to focus more on working on myself and what I was put on this earth to do. That was to walk in the way that God would have me to go, regardless of what others think. Yes, I have been called someone who “always did good and never did anything exciting in her life” or someone who was a “square”, but that hasn’t stopped me from being me and to me, I’ve had more fun in my life than most people would really think. The truth is, if I were to do some of the things that people say I NEVER do, then as soon as I did any on of those things, I’d be called a HYPOCRITE and the same questions would come up like “How are you a Christian if you (insert action here)?” Or “Are Christians supposed to even be doing that?” I could go on.

I have decided to go on a journey! I use the You Version Bible App and also have it downloaded on my computer. I take advantage of the reading plans because they are always helpful and give me new insight to the scriptures I read along with teaching me life lessons. I just began the “Compassion: A 14-Day Journey” reading plan. I chose this plan because of the negative things that have come my way frequently, it will help me to show a little more compassion, even if they don’t. I look at it as if maybe I didn’t treat someone with compassion at a point in my life and can learn from it by being taught how to have a more compassionate heart. I encourage you to use this app and find the scriptures or reading plans that can change you or your life for the better.

So when everything around you seems to be negative, search out those that are always trying to be positive and aren’t putting others problems as the head of their life. You will find yourself feeling much better about who you are and will do what it is YOU feel good about! Embrace the positive and become more positive!