If You Love Your Family, Tell Them!

***This is so important, you must read this!***


My boss, who I have known for quite a few years (along with his wife) has had some devastating news! One minute his wife was okay and today I received the news that she was in the hospital, had surgery the past week for a tumor and they don’t know what the final outcome will be. Her sister, which is a head nurse in another state, flew out and reviewed some of the paper work and said it DOESN’T LOOK GOOD! He said she’s not the same and may not have very long to live! They also have 2 children at home. They are still awaiting the final test results, so there’s still SOME HOPE! YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOUR TIME IS OR YOUR FAMILY MEMBER’S TIME WILL BE! I’m sharing this with you because ONE, I WOULD LOVE FOR YOU ALL TO PRAY FOR HIS FAMILY!!! IT’S SO IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO! And TWO, don’t hold grudges! You never know when their time will be or your time will be! Cherish every moment you have with them because tomorrow, with them or with you, may not ever happen!!!


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