Oh My Gosh, You’re #Beautiful!

Okay, so I didn’t post yesterday, why? Because I was swamped with work and all other sorts of nonsense! BUT does that mean I missed the ever so butterfly, sparkly premiere of #Beautiful by Mariah Carey and Miguel? OF COURSE NOT! Okay, let me first tell you that no there weren’t butterflies and sparkles coming out of the speakers as I listened, that was just a little (friendly) sarcastic humor for those who like to (playfully) mock me for being a Mariah Carey fan!

So, on to my personal opinion/review of the song! I really don’t listen to secular music much anymore (not that I hate it, I just choose not to) but I do like some of Miguel’s songs. I like his unique vocals and creative lyrics, but on this song (since he sings first) he is quite soothing and relaxes the mood and actually makes me want to go and put on his song “Adorn”. I think he did a fine job on the song especially singing with Mariah! Mariah on the other hand (okay I’m a little biased because she’s my favorite) is very subtle with her vocal range, but uses the whistle register enough to make you want so much more. She gives you enough of her full voice to leave you on the edge of your seat, and those backing vocals are always on point! When she harmonizes with herself and uses the whistle register at the end it’s like rainbows, butterflies, and glittery notes! LOL, okay, really, it’s just simply #Beautiful!

Some may say “It’s not Mariah, not her usual style” but really, Mariah was one of the first to take it to the next level. She always changes with the times, which makes her more in demand from the hottest, newest artists, that much more diverse and, well, still the Biggest Selling Female Artist of all time!

Take a listen!


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