The Best Singer Mariah Carey Part 2

“Here she goes with that Mariah Carey business again!” someone says as they roll their eyes, lol! Okay, you’re going to watch the first part of this video and think “She doesn’t sound like the best singer in the world with all of those notes and sounding like she’s running out of breath” But of course, if you have ever sang or gave speeches, etc, you will know that not every day you can be on point. Just like some of us with our lives and work, we are not always on point and make mistakes. Singers, even the one and only with that big 18 number one hits, aren’t always perfect. You can see she didn’t give up and worked hard to the very end. I must say, that note at the end definitely shows that even though she may have a rough start, she can still pull through and throw that performance all in your face! So, here it is, live, Mariah Carey singing Don’t Forget About Us!

Okay, this is a live video of the same song, posted on YouTube from a fan. There is no doubt she is singing this live. And yes, she hits every note and falls to her knees singing that last note! Go Mariah!


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