The Best Singer Mariah Carey

Okay, I know I’m always hitting you with the Christian songs, and I’m not going to change that at all. But I still love the way Mariah Carey sings and because she is coming out with a new single this upcoming week, I have decided to do some posts with her live songs that I love the most, from YouTube. The videos will be ALL LIVE performances all the way from 1990 until now! I also have lots of friends/readers that are also fans (or Lambs as she calls us) and this is for them as well! I will still continue my regular posts as normal so no need to feel Mariah overwhelmed lol! As always, I appreciate all of my readers for taking the time out of their busy day to read or watch my posts. So, without further ado, here is the first video that I would like to share of Mariah Carey singing “We Belong Together” on Oprah live.

Here is another song, “If It’s Over” on Oprah live. I was 7 when her first album came out and fell in love with her voice then and still love it now. Most people don’t realize how incredibly talented Mariah has ALWAYS been, but you just gotta watch this to see for yourself.


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