Bad Day Gone Right?

Another bad day! Well, so I thought! I woke up feeling GREAT this morning! Then something happened! A big monster decided to show up in my home; you know, the kind to make you frustrated, yell, and act like, well, a little monster?! Well, that’s what happened today! BUT it’s just another bad day gone right! The kind where it’s supposed to be a bad day, but somehow you defeat it, and still, nothing makes you feel down or sad! I have learned that when you can look at your bad morning or day and say, “I’m not going to let this happen today, it’s going to be a good day!”

And for me, it’s already been a fantastic one! All of the kids were earlier to school today and had more time to play, I got the baby to my mother-in-law’s house early enough to make sure that I was also earlier to work this morning! Then when I was so overwhelmed with work yesterday and didn’t have time to put together a training packet for a new employee, I was early this morning and was able to finish it before the packet was even needed! So when you are having a good day, don’t let it be a good day gone bad, but turn it around and make it a bad day gone right!



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