This Is For All Of You Who Love to Watch Dancers DANCE!

Yes, I love to dance and I love to see people dance! We see all kinds of dance and it’s actually amazing what people can do with their bodies to the music! But I have found something that I absolutely love even more! Using your dancing to glorify God?! Is this possible? I’m not talking about your typical praise dance (which I love, so I’m not knocking it) but when you can actually dance to a song that sounds like what you would hear on the radio and can glorify God through it and make it look current, that’s an amazing plus! So I’m sharing this video with you because these guys are awesome, and they’re also dancing to one of my favorite songs, “Forgiven” by Deitrick Haddon. The lyrics are all positive and so are the moves! Hope you enjoy this short video. And who knows, there might be some more posts today featuring these talented people, V3.


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