Family, I Don’t Hate You, But You Must Understand

160531409Life is TOUGH! We all have tough times and it can really make life CRAZY! I have been going through some difficult times in my life, which I vowed (to myself) that I would cut off everything from even my own family. I have accepted the fact that I let social media take over my life for quite sometime. Social media is only something that people like to put out there for the world to see and the whole truth is never shown. Sadly, it can cause mistreatment, hatred, or even the slightest mistake of a miscommunication that can lead to anger and bitterness within families, friends, and acquaintances. We should never LET social media RULE us. So, like I stated, I have cut off all social media from my family (except my husband) for a reason (all social media, except for Facebook, which I need my account for my blog’s Facebook page too). Not that I hate anyone or am angry with anyone, but because I have made it a point in my life to stop relying on social media to build my relationships, or letting that be the only “time” I spend with my family. I don’t need a social media to help me out with that. I have indeed become lazy in the way I have been around my family, so I am making it a point to try my best to text my siblings every day or at least once a week or even give them a call. I plan to try my best to be around all of my family when we have a get together or a family function (of course things do come up and it’s not always possible). I have accepted that we have all gone our separate ways and I, too, have decided to keep some things for just me, my husband and kids. I have just made the decision to separate my life in the best way I can and love everyone in the way they should be. It’s a start, and I will let you know how all of it turns out!


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