Live IN Your Happy Place

a0203-000017Remember being a kid, and feeling that happiness you wish you could have back, if only for a moment? Well, I feel like I have found it! I will first share with you my experience as a young girl.

90082660I was going through a lot of things in my life at this point. Some things that should never happen to anyone, but I found hope. I gave my life to God at church one day when I was 8 years old. I was not encouraged by my parents, or by anyone else for that matter, and I just felt something in my heart that very day! I even made the decision to be baptized and I knew that was where I belonged! So, of course life happens, and as a Christian, we all know that it’s never easy, and we aren’t perfect. So yes, I had my teenage years, had sex at a very young age, although I wasn’t very promiscuous, and even experimented with a few substances. Did I stay this way for most of my teen years, no, maybe a couple of years at the most. Most of my friends/family didn’t even know about it because I hid things well. I always thought that people would view me in a bad way because I was always viewed as the girl who never did anything bad. Probably to most of my friends/family’s surprise, I did some things they never thought I would have.

143919450Anyway, I went through it and left it behind. Do I struggle with fitting in or being like others? At times, yes. Do I let it change me? No, of course not. I have to be strong. I have to let God be my strength when I get weak. That’s why I say no to certain things. I believe that God gave me a brain to use it. Not to just say, “Oh, God will protect me” and although he will, we cannot subject ourselves to certain situations where we know we are weak. In fact, I have come to love who I am as a person, and value the things that I know are good in me. Not just to be proud of myself and throw it at others, but because I want my kids to have the right example to live by. So, I have found a place in my life where I can be me, where I can be happy to live and not have any regrets.

129301139So I thought to write this out to you, in hopes of sharing my experiences and weaknesses along with my “outline” of how to find your happy place. First, you have to come to terms with your past. You have to remember that what you have done has been done, and you can be forgiven. Once you ask for forgiveness and accept that you are forgiven, you can move on. You can look at your life now. Think about what you need to push out of your life and move into your life. God gave each one of us a life and the choice to make the right decision or not. Once you are open to thinking about what the consequences are before making each decision, you will make many more right decisions. The last thing is, get up, do what it is that you have on your heart. Do what makes you happy the most, not something that leaves you feeling guilty or questioning your choice. Don’t try to be what others want you to be, but stay true to yourself. For example, don’t be super nice and overly excited if it’s not you. If you are nice, you don’t have to compete with the one who is naturally extremely nice and a little exuberant, lol.

132444304You must be reconstructed in order to feel complete. Look at those hurts and pain and try your best to come to therms with them. Look for the good in each situation. I look at mine as a way for me to help someone else who has been through the same pain. Get rid of those bad, negative people, situations, decisions, and move forward (and I’m not saying that if they aren’t a Christian that they’re bad either). Look toward your goals and dreams, take back your happy place and live IN it!


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