Conflict! When Overcome, It Makes You Stronger!

How many times have we fought ourselves in our spirituality, our dreams, our goals, our daily tasks? When we contstantly go against our original feeling, it causes conflict. Second guessing sometimes makes us fall short, fall behind, or become discouraged. It has happened to me as I’m sure it’s happened to you.

So what do we do in these situations? Well, what I do is I ask God for guidance, for His strength to carry me through, and for no distractions to overcome me and keep me from my goals/tasks. It really works. Sometimes we may have to go through tests to really appreciate what we end up with, but that’s the price we have to pay!

Jesus didn’t have to take all of the things He did for us. He could have said “This is too difficult.” and He could have given up. Aren’t you glad he didn’t?! Let’s use that to give us encouragement and the power to do what we can to go on! Tell the world, as the song says, if not in your spoken word, then use your actions, your poems, your songs, your art, your dance, your ability to fix things, your gardening, etc.!

By the way, I’m glad to be able to sit here, write this, and share this post with you today! Keep going and you will accomplish those things and so much more!

Video: Level 3:16 – Tell Em (Internal Conflict)


One thought on “Conflict! When Overcome, It Makes You Stronger!

  1. Adversity always builds strength and character in each one of us. That is part of the reason for our existence here on earth. Embrace challenges, even the most difficult ones, for without them we cannot progress to the higher being that God intends us to be. Thanks for sharing your post!

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