There’s Never Enough Time!

“There’s never enought time!”  How many times have you said that in a week, month, year? 


Basically, I feel like I have no time at all!  But is that because we choose to make our schedules as hectic as possible for fear of doing NOTHING?  Or do we like to make excuses to keep ourselves from doing what’s really important?  No matter what the reason, we should always TRY to make a little time for ourselves and family.  Sometimes by the end of the week we are exhausted and just want to do nothing which eventually turns out to be everything.  Before we know it, we are saying “Wow, where did the weekend go?”  and then we’re back at our busy schedules. 

My family’s solution?  Take at least one night a week (if you have kids) and make it a night about them only.  No adult time, just a time where the kids get to pick a movie or two and you let them go crazy with the candy/snacks, and we have to be kids then too.  Then, if you can, take a night for just you and your significant other.  For us with four children, it’s not always easy to find a babysitter.  What we like to do is let our kids know in advance that once we’ve had Kid’s Night, we have Mommy and Daddy night and we either go out for a fun night or stay in and catch up on new movies, or some of our old favorites. 


Look at your schedules and adjust accordingly.  What can wait until the weekend?  What can you move around to make more time for something you have always wanted to do?  You’ll be surprised what friends you’ll be able to catch up with, how many books you read, or what creations you come up with!  I’m ready to readjust to see how much more fun I can get out of this thing we call life! 


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