Poetry Time, My Heart on the Lines! Explanation

If you’ve read yesterday’s post, you know I was going to post the explanation to my poem.  Usually I don’t share the true meaning of my poems because they hold some personal issues, but I have become comfortable sharing my past hurts and emotions lately.  I know there are others out there that also have the same hurts and issues I have and I want us to band together and help each other overcome!  Some things are past feelings, some are new.  The poem is a mixture of emotions!  Below is the meaning…

Have you seen her?literal.

The one with the brown eyes, you get so lost inside?A good friend of mine once told me my eyes were mysterious and they held a deep story, so I stuck with it.

With negativity that sits on her left and her right side?Negative people and their comments have always surrounded me in my life.  Most of the time, I was talked to in a negative way.

Crushing the existence of the innocence she once held? – Negative put downs of my dreams and aspirations.  Crushing my hopes and beliefs that anything is possible.

Fighting her through others from the words they expel? – People used negative words so much, so it always seemed like I was fighting others off.

The one frightened by all of the pain she might cause? – Afraid I’m going to hurt others by my true feelings and opinions.

Because of the hurt she never dealt with, still at a loss? – Many painful events in my life, some I never dealt with, still feeling like I win, with a bunch of losses.

Angry, hurthing others with the solitude she loves? – Loving to be alone because it brings out all of my creativity, but then because I would rather not deal with the STUPIDITY.

Painting a picture every time she’s around loved ones? – Not really telling the truth about my whole story, leaving a lot of painful details out because no one would ever understand anyway.

Reality is fiction, but to others, vice versa? – My reality is fiction, but to others they think it’s all reality.

Thoughts of another, possibly Formosa? – Wanting to leave to a distant place, somewhere I’ve never been.  The city Formosa in Argentina.

The one who’s made up her mind to love at a distance? – Having tried to reach out to others and even do “their thing” while still being judged because of my religious choices.  While I do care about them, I’d rather love them from a distance because I’m not going to judge or be judged.

With a future void of any negative persistence? – Negativity can’t be escaped, but someone who is constantly negative or persistent with negativity is not and will not be in my future.

Have you seen her? – There are many like me; people who haven’t dealt with some or all of their issues and they go unnoticed.  Meaning, have you seen them too?

**Tomorrow’s Post:  An outline I wrote about 5 years ago.  It’s specific for those who have been abused physically, emotionally, or sexually, male or female.  Share it with those you feel could use a healing process.**


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