Poetry Time, My Heart on the Lines!

Have you seen her? 

The one with the smile?

The one with the brown eyes, you get so lost inside?

With negativity that sits on her left and her right side?

Crushing the existence of the innocence she once held?

Fighting her through others from the words they expel?

The one frightened by all of the pain she might cause?

Because of the hurt she never dealt with, still at a loss?

Angry, hurthing others with the solitude she loves?

Painting a picture every time she’s around loved ones?

Reality is fiction, but to others, vice versa?

Thoughts of another, possibly Formosa?

The one who’s made up her mind to love at a distance?

With a future void of any negative persistence?

Have you seen her?


**Tomorrow’s post: Explanation of poem + 1**


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