Amazing Kids!

Who has the most amazing kids in the world?  As a parent, you are probably saying to yourself right now, “I have the most amazing kids in the world!”  Even if we KNOW our kids may not actually ACT like the most amazing kids in the world, they sure do put something special in our hearts that will make us feel like they are.  Now I’m sure some people who don’t have kids or don’t even want kids are saying, “You are crazy for ever wanting or having kids!” The truth is, they’re right.  No sane person could want kids, but that’s what makes it so much more fun!  Of course they start off as babies, crying all night long, stinking up your house with those loaded diapers, and depriving you of your sleep. Then growing older and asking for the latest trends, growing less interested in us, and eventually moving on.   I can hear other comments like “Why would you want to raise your children in such a horrible world?”  But the truth is, we raise our children in a crazy world because we have the hope that we’ll raise a child who will one day change the world.  We actually have the power to do that!  Of course not every child we raise is going to be 100% perfect, but we can raise them with the right values and teach them to achieve their goals and dreams.

I commend anyone who is a parent and trying their best to make the best of their children and their lives.  We all may have different backgrounds and views on life as well as different income levels, which also makes having children all the more difficult.  And I am not here to judge anyone who makes a less than decent living with children, espeicailly if they are trying.  I know of a few friends of mine that had children on great incomes and careers, only to lose it all and people judge them saying “You should have never had kids if you couldn’t care for them.”  If that’s the case, then no one should have kids because if you have actually had to go through any type of struggle, you know that nothing in life is ever guarunteed.  That’s another story, but my point is, as a parent, it comes with all types of struggles and successes that are all worth it. 

Parents, we have to stick together and make this a better world for the generations to come!  We can all make a point to improve somewhere because after all, they are just kids!  Kids who are amazing, with or without disabilities, all warm, beautiful smiles and an innocence that makes us remember the times we had no troubles, even if just for a moment.  So if you’re a parent, grab your children, hug them, hug them tight.  Love them, tell them you love them, read them a story, play the game you have been promising them to play, watch the movie they have been begging you to watch with them, and simply remember that having some amazing kids really starts with you! 


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