“Shut Up, Stupid!”

Okay, let me first say that I am not telling you to shut up or that you are stupid, lol.  I am briefly going to explain where I have been and what has been going on in my life.  Then I will explain the meaning behind the title. 

First, I have missed writing!  I have been so overwhelmed with work, school, and being a half sane human that I have neglected you for quite some time.  I apologize!  I have also been very sick.  Sick to the point where I went to the emergency room for a cold that wouldn’t leave and left with 3 different medications, two of which I am still on, and a term or sickness they call Bronchitis!  Now, if you have been reading my few posts on my new singing blog “Singing My Way Through Life” you know that’s not a good thing for a singer.  Anyway, this is what has kept me away along with my finals in my last class.  I’m back to writing!

So now, let’s move on to “Shut Up, Stupid!”  For those of you who do not know me personally, I do have 4 children.  3 girls and one boy.  They are 8(girl), 7(boy), 5(girl), and 11 months(girl).  So my son Isaiah and daughter Tajanaiah (pronounced tahj-ah-nay-uh) runs into my room and tells me “Mommy, Analaiah (pronounced anna-lay-uh) said a bad word!”  So I’m thinking to myself “Oh no, what have they heard this time?”.  Basically, my kids don’t know bad words, which is great for me.  But when my two middle children came running, I for sure thought that it was going to be terrible this time around.  So I go in the room and ask them what she said, and I also asked her.  She would not tell me and kept saying, “I didn’t mean for it to come out of my mouth!”  So I asked them to spell it.  They said, “Oh I don’t want to get a spanking for spelling it!”  (Really, who gets spankings for spelling out the word? haha) So I said, “Okay, what two letters does it start with?”  They start spelling “S……H……”  Oh no!  Who did they hear this from?!  I’m freaking out until they keep spelling “…..U….T……U…..P”  Okay, now I have gone down this road with them before, plenty of times, but knowing that I cannot keep my kids from hearing these words at school, and they still think that “shut up and stupid” are bad words is pretty hilarious.  Now I remember being in high school and I had a terrible mouth!  But it’s fascinating to me that they think that those words will actually put them in jail!  I would like to applaud my own effort of keeping them from watching things with this type of content and not using this language in my home, but then I remember that one day they will hear it and it will come out of their mouths at some point and I haven’t figured out a proper solution for it and I definitely wont be applauding anything.  Any bad language that came out of my mouth and my parents found out about, I would have my mouth slapped off, handed to me in a plastic bag and told something like “If you would like the rest of you to stay out of a plastic bag, then I suggest you change your vocabulary.”  And you see I’m still here, mouth and all. 


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