Online Resources for the Christian Walk…

These are a few of the online resources that I use for my daily Christian walk.  It’s not easy being a Christian, although many believe that it is. 

This is Dr. Tony Evans.  Okay, you know Anthony Evans the singer?  Okay he was featured on the last season of The Voice.  He’s already an established Christian singer, and this is his father, who is a pastor…a great one at that!  He has a new word every day at this link.  Hope this helps you like it does for me!

The next one I use is from Dr. Charles Stanley.  He can be heard on SOS Radio and his show is called InTouch.  Here is is link and he also has daily sermons that are about 30 minutes long!  Love this!

One last one, that only takes about a minute or two of your time…it’s the Daily Bread.  You know the little books that you can get from your church that have a daily word?  Well they are also online.  With all of this technology, we really don’t have a reason to start our days WITHOUT God!  No more excuses, lol!

Feel free to share some of your online resources with me as well!

Until next time…

-Mrs. Talk Your Ears Off


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