Christmas Sugar Cookies Recipe

See Christmas Sugar Cookies Recipe Here

This is a simple, inexpensive way to make your own Christmas cookies. Something that I love to do with my kids every year! I am sharing this with you because it is something that brings my family together at this time of year to make more memorable memories! What a mouthful! This is not my original recipe, soemthing I found online a few years ago, but I have changed a few things in the recipe to make it my own (not that it needs it, but I like to be creative). It has been a favorite, especially with the kids. I already have some dough mixed and ready for baking in my fridge. I will be posting pictures when I bake and decorate the cookies. Hope your family enjoys the cookies as much as mine does!

Tip: For those of you running low on budget or spent all of your money on those fabulous gifts with a few more people to find gifts for, why not try gathering a few recipes, baking, and putting together some Christmas goodie bags for your family! They will appreciate all of the time and hard work you put into baking them something special and delicious! And don’t forget those little Christmas cards you can buy at the dollar store and share with friends/coworkers, etc!

Find more christmas cookie recipes at

Merry Christmas!


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