Feels Like I Just Met My SoulMate!

This is one of the best feelings ever!  I have never had someone (other than my husband) so enthusiastic about something I have done in a long time!  My husband, who has to put up with Mrs. Talk Your Ears Off almost 24/8 haha, is definitely a trooper for hearing my thoughts for so many years, especially after long, hard days of work and his own pressures of being the man of the house.  I just can’t explain how good this man makes me feel with his words, kind actions, and that look he gives me when he tells me he loves me and he’s so proud of me!  Then tells me to get in that kitchen and make him a sammich!  Haha I’M JOKING!  But I’d probably do it if he asked me to, NICELY!  Anyway, I feel so happy when he encourages me and is really interested in everything I talk about and try to do.  In a way, it makes me feel like I just met my soulmate for the first time, over and over again.  I am so thankful for such a wonderful person in my life and I feel like I’m the lucky one to have been given such an amazing husband and father to our kids.  I just might have to make him get in the kitchen and make me a sammich now!

Hearts, pink, and daisies baby! 


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