It’s Meeee, Mrs. Talk Your Ears Off!

Hey!!! I am known in my family as the child who never shut up, the loud one, the ghetto one, etc! Most people only get to see the shy side of me, YES I am really shy, but people take it as being conceited! (BTW I’m sexy, fine, & “on my momma…”) hahahahaha! NOT REALLY!!! I like to play around and just be silly while talking up a storm! (Can you tell yet?!) No one can really get me to shut up unless I have a good book in front of me, or I’m bogged down with schoolwork! So today is the day that I have decided to write whatever it is that I feel. Share with you the fun things in my life while sharing some of the heartaches of my life and how I overcame those obstacles or how I’m trying to deal with them! I will share everything I can with you, recipes, things I buy on a budget, some of my poems, my favorite music, talents of friends along with myself, tips on parenting, encouragement, and so much more! You never know what will happen here, but I am ready for a journey like no other! Hope you’re ready for it too!


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